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Updated: May 27, 2022


Bennet calls it ... too late for tears ...

Today we should also focus so slightly on a Judge of this case. Full name PERCY SYDNEY TWENTYMAN-JONES. He was a very good cricket / Rugby player in his day and died in 1954. (photo), among others but the 2nd South African player to score an international try. Later in 1910 also selector, and in 1929-39 WP/rugby president.

I read carefully all the information and studied all the information I gathered, it tells its own story. Percy was born 1876, Beaufort West, parents Alfred and Eliza Twentyman-Jones. Admitted to the bar in 1898/08/18, 1920 became senior lawyer, but according to SABWoordeboek he was apparently long-winded and slow in court, but seriously focused on facts.

the rest of this story will be published

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